Thursday, April 24, 2014

You've got to get back in the saddle again...

So I've been MIA for a couple of years now and decided it was time to get back on the horse, bite the bullet, rip off the Band-Aid, etc. You catch my drift. The fact is, I've always loved to write and I have missed it. I find it to be very calming and therapeutic. So as long as I'm back at it, I might as well give you some good news. My favorite local restaurant is coming to Stockton later this year.  Here is there website.
 PAPA URB's GRILL!!! Filipino food with a twist! I've been driving from Stockton to Tracy since they opened their doors in November of 2010. I am so happy to be able to frequent a closer location. It's going to be located in the Newberry building downtown.
But until then please enjoy these drool worthy pictures:

Kendall eating Ube Ice Cream

Me in my Papa Urb's Grill T-shirt

Yummy Turron for dessert!

Sisig Fries, Chicken Ado-bowl and Shanghai Lumpia

Wipe the drool from your mouth and continue on friends!!

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